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'The Call' CHAPTER 2

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Take this spirit
back, into the arms of his
mother before him, of his first
son Me-li, and of his
beloved wife.

Alright little
ones, it's your turn
One of
you has to be

Nothing. I'm
sorry old friend, if this
curse has so plagued your
body, I cannot release
your spirit.
A sky of
prayers that we don't
all join you.

Malik, Malik.
Always there when least
wanted and gone when most
needed. Go find your
Tell him
nothing will consume
the body, I'll need the
searing rocks.
And Malik.

It will be a
little heavy, but the main thing
is it will be dark like a mountain
and have holes in it.
They hold
the heat very well
because they come
from the heat.

Okay, I don't
really see any so far. .
Wait this might
be one.
Got it!

This is
fit for use, now we
need seven or eight
of them.
Hurry up
before the sun goes
Okay, but why
do we need his kind for the
body instead of the usual
never seen the priest
act like that. I'm old enough
to know what's going

You've been
old enough for a while now.
That was not the
issue. But fine.
You saw
how quick the sickness took
Salwen. And you saw his body would
not be consumed by the world. The fire
mountain's rocks - they can burn
whatever is strangling his
A mountain
can't be made out of

You think
the old stories
are just made of
air, but believe, it is
true just as you
were told as
a child..
Far away-
-There is a living
mountain of fire.

When the first spirits
ate the first star, the
star took from the spirits
all around it..
Earth and water. Heat
and light. Held tight
together so long.

Turning and bubbling
until our land came
forth. So much life.
And light.
With that great
star deep inside.

But that star BURNS.
It makes fire that has
to breathe..
So the spirits
carve just so.

And once in a
while.. the land
lets out a big
angry breath.
These rocks
are born from that fire.
And that's why they're so
Hunh. So
how is that supposed
to help with the

It will
help.. because
we are not going
to free this
No! This
will not happen without
my family's consent
Let me
in the tent right
now or I'll tear it

You can't
just decide what to do
with my cousin's body
without asking
going to see him buried well
and I'm going to talk to the others
before you people have us all
haunted by this lack of

I'm not
yelling with you. Your
cousin - we wanted to bury
him and let his spirit back
into the land.
we can't.
I'm not
a river snake, get
OUT of my
shouldn't go in there.
Whatever made him

don't wanna see
him like this. Trust me.
Go grieve now. We'll still
have a ceremony in the
morning. Okay?

*hmph* Not okay at all.
You should be on my side with this
Letting his spirit burn marks us all
as betrayers. So he will haunt
me first!