Ep. 25 - Caucasian Katsu

What you'll need:
  • Caucasian: 35-45 years old, either sex
  • Several Ostrich Eggs, or several dozen smaller bird eggs.
  • Fryer
  • Bread Crumbs
Keep that paint roller handy for easy coating! Today we're in what was formerly "Cleveland, Ohio", and is now primarily used as a herding facility for various dignitaries. Remember to check out our permasite online using the "Gas Stoves" search.

hello, HELLO
Welcome to
Gasoline Stoves. Whether
you're watching in the Nuprek Arena,
from the bottomless bunkers, or the
comfort of the home world we thank you
for making us the top-rated
cooking show
in 5 galaxies.

Today's dish - wow
folks you are going to love it.
Caucasian.. Katsu.

So here we have
Tom, he's 36, that's
a very nice pre-middle aged
range for us. We lose the flavor of
osteoporosis- but remember
we gain tenderness.
Tom's been soaking
in a nice pre-rinse stove top
Bath. Looks like he's
enjoying that.

And we're
just going to start the
coat -before frying -by coating Tom in let's
say.. 4-5 ostrich eggs.
If you want an extra
touch you can actually stuff a
yolk in your human's
mouth, it's nice.

See Tom's face
here? The contentment is
from a nice cool egg coating after
a hot bath. They love it, which
means we'll love
their taste.
Now we take our..
bread crumbs here and we
have those all ready
to go.

Now for
the breading, key here is to
get that all around him, making sure we
really get a good coverage
with our crumbs.
There we
go. And now, Tom is
starting to look
like dinner.

He looks good
to me, let's lower Tom
a bit.
Then just drop
our wireless fryers