Kickstarter KINETIK from indie Hero Machine Studios

Great article here by polygon on how Hero Machine Studios is making a near-future indie shooter to compete with the best AAA studios have to offer. Coming to PC, Xbox One and PS4, veteran game developers Mat Broome(DC Universe Online, H1Z1, Planetside 2) and Kevin McPherson (Planetside 2, EverQuest 1/2) created KINETIK to merge classic shooting mechanics, RPG leveling and heavily tactical gameplay via destructible environments, bonuses for strong team performances and game modes that challenge teams to adapt.

CHECK OUT the campaign  and support an indie 60 FPS tactical RPG shooter with classic mechanics that promises years of rewarding gameplay.

Heavy Guard NPCKINETIK Magnus SpetsnazWARHOG battle drone companion

Top 10 clips of 2013’s E3 – Youtube Playlist

Love what I’m seeing from the next-gen consoles. Absolutely wasn’t going to opt-in if used games were off the table, but Sony seems to be addressing that as well as allowing some PS3 play (I own a lot of PS3 games). I compiled the best looking clips from all consoles, out of the bunch Tom Clancy’s new game ‘The Division’ was the shocker to me, and Watch Dogs still looks great. Hopefully ‘The Order’ has some more life to the humans than what we see in the trailer, but the costume design looks incredible.Everything in this playlist should have HD available, so make sure you’re playing at the highest quality possible.