Newest poster: Tyrion Lannister

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tyrion lannister quotes game of throne poster
tyrion lannister quotes game of throne poster

Game of Thrones – Red Wedding Episode (Season 3 Episode 09)

Spoilers ahead:


You’ll almost never see me post about individual episodes of TV shows, in general the only thing I review is entire runs of shows after they’ve completed, but tonight’s episode of Game of Thrones is huge if you’re a fan of the books. It’s impossible to say whether or not fans of JUST the show will be as shocked by the events, but reading as it happened in print was certainly the biggest surprise for me, as Robb, Cat, his new bride and unborn child (which was not in the book), and so many others are slain despite the Frey guarantee of hospitality. Keep that last disrespect in mind during coming seasons.

There’s a lot of logistics to handle in translating this, and so HBO had to cut certain details down for storytelling’s sake. The importance of Robb’s wolf not being allowed close to the ceremony was maybe under-emphasized here, and I did feel the importance of “The Rains of Castemere” starting to play signaling the start of the slaughter was laid out a bit better in the book, but overall this is one of the best episodes of a great show. Michelle Fairley wasn’t given a ton of dialogue in these scenes, but she handled the emotional transitions perfectly all the way up to her “final” act of anger. I’m not sure the casting could be better on this show.

In our other big story, the helplessness of Arya as she figures out what’s going on – never getting to see her mother alive one last time – is a great balance to all the toughness she shows externally, and the anger building in her is one of the better plot points of this rich story. Keep in mind the red woman’s proclamation that there was a lot of death in Arya’s future. It also somewhat justifies the technique of killing anyone’s heirs when you wrong them or dethrone them (such as with the Mad King). The last thing you want is a person out there whose sole interest in life is killing your entire family for the sake of revenge.

Daenerys’ side story feels rushed, but to be frank it got boring in the books when they got too much into the details of her politics, so it’s not a huge loss that we’re spending less time there. I’ve always felt it was interesting the way Martin de-glamourized medieval honor, romance, and warfare, and this episode summed everything up. Huge humor points for displaying the ugliness of Walder Frey’s daughters and granddaughters. Looking forward to a great season finale.