Thursday August 29th, 2013 15:31
New Commission – MODOK

One of Jack Kirby’s more fun character designs, I was glad to see someone request MODOK. This was a lot of fun but the costume is tougher to get a handle on than it’d seem. Remember to get your own one of a kind commissioned art of comic, movie, and literary characters via  a request to us in OUR COMMISSIONS AREA

Jack Kirby's MODOK - Commissioned art piece

Jack Kirby’s MODOK – Commissioned art piece

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Monday August 19th, 2013 16:47
New Commission – Dr. Strange

Remember to check out Commisions for more commissioned work

Dr. Strange

Dr. Strange

A few changes I made to standard rendering of the character:

1) A devil’s horn shadow cast behind him from his cloak, I’ve always felt this should be played up more considering he makes the same symbol with his hands

2) Ugly yellows and greens for the energy. With the modern coloring techniques available I was surprised to see how pretty everybody makes his powers look in comics. I prefer a more ominous look.

3) I couldn’t bring myself to do the whole upper body spandex thing, so I only did it on his arms where it makes sense for flexibility in spell-casting. Otherwise he’s a magician so I want him to look slight and have large hands.

4) For some reason I’ve always been “meh” about the fact that the inside and outside of Dr. Strange’s cloak were the same color of red so the outside is much deeper on this version.

5) The old cloak had a border that missed the headpiece entirely and the new version has it wrap around completely, I split the difference and had it end at a point, so that if he wasn’t fighting and the headpiece was turned down, it would lay in a way that makes sense stylistically.

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Friday February 15th, 2013 17:22
Top Cow Talent Hunt – Non-Winning Submission

Here was my take for the Top Cow Talent Hunt, I wanted to paint Ji Yi being tempted into giving up his burden to Sabine, who disguised her appearance using a spell she’d negotiated for. Congrats to whoever the winners were.

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