Sunday June 12th, 2016 09:32 Kickstarter KINETIK from indie Hero Machine Studios

Great article here by polygon on how Hero Machine Studios is making a near-future indie shooter to compete with the best AAA studios have to offer. Coming to PC, Xbox One and PS4, veteran game developers Mat Broome(DC Universe Online, H1Z1, Planetside 2) and Kevin McPherson (Planetside 2, EverQuest 1/2) created KINETIK to merge classic shooting mechanics, RPG leveling and heavily tactical gameplay via destructible environments, bonuses for strong team performances and game modes that challenge teams to adapt.

CHECK OUT the campaign  and support an indie 60 FPS tactical RPG shooter with classic mechanics that promises years of rewarding gameplay.

Heavy Guard NPCKINETIK Magnus SpetsnazWARHOG battle drone companion

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Monday June 10th, 2013 22:51 Top 10 clips of 2013’s E3 – Youtube Playlist

Love what I’m seeing from the next-gen consoles. Absolutely wasn’t going to opt-in if used games were off the table, but Sony seems to be addressing that as well as allowing some PS3 play (I own a lot of PS3 games). I compiled the best looking clips from all consoles, out of the bunch Tom Clancy’s new game ‘The Division’ was the shocker to me, and Watch Dogs still looks great. Hopefully ‘The Order’ has some more life to the humans than what we see in the trailer, but the costume design looks incredible.Everything in this playlist should have HD available, so make sure you’re playing at the highest quality possible.

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Monday July 13th, 2009 20:13 MLB: First Half Recap

While we sit in break during baseball’s dead period ( I don’t watch the All-Star games in any sports), time to take a look back over the first half of the 2009 MLB season.

-Only slightly related to the topic, MLB ’09: The Show is an amazing title that stands as one of PS3’s best exclusives without fanfare. Still a few AI bugs like fielders taking forever to throw the ball if they think a runner isn’t going to try to score, etc. but a great game overall and maybe the best baseball game ever.

-Billy Beane, long a target of my hatred, is fielding yet another lousy offensive team. His fellow moneyball enthusiasts, Paul Depodesto and Sandy Alderson, are currently fielding the very worst offense in the majors with the San Diego Padres. Idiots try to say that the Red Sox are a success story and that GM Epstein uses moneyball principles. Let’s get something out of the way, Theo is a Beane disciple who values walks, but if he has a $100+ million payroll every year and can afford to pay the posting fee for Dice-K, the Red Sox are NOT a moneyball team.

The Holliday trade has brought absolutely nothing to the lineup. Jason Giambi, Orlando Cabrera, and Nomar Garciappara are all flameouts, in fact Giambi is hitting .192 in 260 at bats. He got rid of Danny Haren a couple of years ago, Haren is now one of the top 5 starters in the entire league and was already well on his way to being that a few years ago. The A’s got six players for Haren: Dana Eveland, Brett Anderson, Greg Smith, Chris Carter, Aaron Cunningham and Carlos Gonzalez. The biggest contribution this year among those players has been from Anderson, who has an ERA in the mid 4’s in 83 ip this year. In other words, still no impact.

Best Pinto salesman ever?

Best Pinto salesman ever?

Eric Chavez, one of the few players Beane has seen fit to reward with a huge contract, is out for the season again after only 30 at bats, and his career might be over. Beane’s most productive years as a GM came when he had a roster full of steroid users like Giambi and Miggy Tejada. He’s done absolutely nothing without them, other than overlook potentially good managers within the organization — like Ron Washington who’s left for success in Texas. Yet somehow this guy is lauded as a genius for having a small payroll and doing nothing with it. He’s given credit as a talent scout for what.. thinking that Dan Johnson was the 1b of the future? For acquiring Arthur Rhodes as a closer? For saying Charles Thomas was the leadoff man they needed? Rarely is someone not only given this much of a free pass by the media but actually treated as some kind of a hero. I guess this is what happens when the media and fanbase are filled with stat geeks jacking off at the fancy way Beane makes his spreadsheets in Excel. BTW, according to the sabermetrics geeks, Raul Ibanez’ contract with the Phillies was terrible. Nice work guys.

-The one stat however that NEEDS to be invented is something that more accurately measures wear and tear on a pitcher’s arm than innings pitched. If innings pitched are such a big deal wouldn’t pitchers be on an innings count? Instead they’re put on pitch counts, because that’s the true measure of how much a pitcher had to work, in addition to looking at how often they were in difficult situations — whether that be via a long at bat or pitching out of the stretch. If Greg Maddux throws a complete game shutout on 87 pitches am I supposed to believe he was under more duress than a Joba Chamberlain 104 pitch, 4.2 inning outing? Of course not, so why emphasize ip so much?

Pitch counter, not an innings counter

Pitch counter, not an innings counter

-Another long time pet peeve – the calculations by the sports media of the number of games a team is under .500. You cannot calculate a team’s distance from a .500 record based on potential games played, you have to calculate it on actual games played. If a team is 10-20 in 30 games played, they are commonly referred to as being 10 games under .500. In the case of a team that has played 30 games (10 + 20) a .500 record would be 15-15. That means that subtracting the win total of a .500 record from the current actual record gives you 15-10 which is 5. The team, then, is five games under .500 because 5 more wins would have put them at that mark. The current usage indicates that if a team won 10 games in a row they’d be at .500, which is true but has nothing to do with actual games played. In addition, it eliminates the possibility that a team has finished all of their games. If a team is 71-91 did they finish 20 games under .500? Of course not, because there are no ties in baseball, and there are only 162 games in a season so there is no chance of them “winning their next 20 games in a row”. Rather, they finished 10 games under .500. Yes it’s nitpicking but the expression, as currently used, makes no sense.

I wrote awhile ago about the treatment of Barry Bonds vs. other convicted or suspected steroid users. Little did I know that Arod would only have it mentioned for a week or two upon his return, and Manny would actually be cheered regularly as soon as he came back. I’d do a follow-up to the article if the situation weren’t so sickening.

“Not everyone is perfect and I am not going to judge what anyone does in their lives,” McCourt said. “But he has paid the penalty and it is now up to us to welcome him back to the team. It is up to the fans to decide how he is embraced and so far they have been supportive.”

ESPN Article: Fans being supportive of Manny

-Congrats to Pittsburgh’s Zack Duke on his rebound from a horrible couple of years. Not a guy with big talent or an impressive fastball, but a competitor who easily could have given up on himself after Jim Tracy tried to ruin his career. Great story, as is Grienke’s comeback from mascumeunstration disease.

-Lost in all the coverage of the firing of Manny Acta, Nationals manager, was the fact that this team was constructed by a now absent Jim Bowden. After leaving the Reds, Bowden made a series of confusing decisions, including stacking the roster with far more mediocre outfielders than they or any other team needed. Congratulations Nick Saban, we’ve found your long lost brother.

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